Top 5 reasons to choose third party IT maintenance

criticalThere was a time when companies preferred to maintain their hardware with OEM, but rising cost has brought about an alternative.  Today more and more companies are turning to TPM (Third Party Maintenance) as it takes a load both financially and functionally off their shoulders.  However, there are still some companies who are yet to be convinced of the effectiveness of the decision and here are top 5 reasons why one should choose TPM.From all angles, TPM actually serves to maximize the value of a business and there are many ways that it is done.  First of all is the team that comes with any TPM, which usually comprises of highly qualified individuals which will save the company from having such professionals on their own payroll.  The team will have people who have specialized in OEM and will help cut costs by consolidating a wide range of OEM vendor services.  Most OEM comes with a limited range of services and the company will usually have to have additional service providers.  However, TPM can have a broad range of services and are flexible when it come to dates on contracts so that multiple contracts end on the same date, thus providing ease of maintenance for the company.

The second reason that one ought to consider is the single point of contact brought about by TPM.  You will not have to worry about whom to call when an emergency breaks out and there will also be no blame shifting.  The third reason cost effectiveness. A TPM is there to maintain equipment unlike OEM, which tries to sell new equipment.  As TPM has no such objectives, they will do their best to see to it that your equipment will last for as long as it can survive.  The fourth reason is one of convenience as OEM will only service the equipment of a specific manufacturer, while TPM are qualified and skilled to service all products without regard to any specific manufacturer.

Finally, perhaps the most important reason, the speed in which the TPM responds.  When there is an emergency, OEM has an extensive hierarchy that one has to traverse in order to get service.  However, with TPM, all it takes is just one call for the company to get back on its feet.

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