Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Keep your data safe and your business running no matter what the day may bring.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

If a business loses its data, it may very well be doomed. It is very difficult for most businesses to recover from a catastrophic and permanent loss of data. QWERTY Concepts can help make sure all your data is safe so that you are not thinking about data recovery when recovering from a disaster. Whether your business is mostly via the telephone, the internet, or a combination of the two, it is critical to have a backup plan

One natural disaster, fire, power outage, theft, or other service interruption could equate to failure for your business without a reliable backup plan in place. Let QWERTY Concepts give you peace of mind in the event the unexpected happens to your business.

Backup Redundancy

Digital images may have bad blocks just as digital files may become corrupted. Our systems perform 3 types of backups — thus, QWERTY Concepts has created one of the most reliable backup and recovery solutions in the industry. Using both files and images to back up your data helps ensure a successful recovery.

Comprenhensive Solution

First, data is backed up locally. Then, the data is sent off-site to ensure business continuity. Whether you just need to restore a file, folder, or an entire server(s), as part of our white glove service, QWERTY Concepts will monitor, support, and maintain the backups, restorations, and related disaster recovery tasks.

Local Recovery

In the event of a complete server failure, the backup and disaster recovery (BDR) system will act as the server or multiple server(s). By using virtualization and cloud technology, the BDR will provide services and applications to the network until the server or servers are repaired or replaced.

Cloud Recovery

If your office has had a major catastrophe where your hardware has been destroyed (fire, earthquake, etc.), the off-site backup will provide the same service in the cloud to make your data available. This allows business continuity and accessibility from anywhere in the world at any time.

Cloud Backup Advantages

Data can easily become corrupted. Traditional backups will take the corrupted data with them, but report the backup as successful. Having the cloud backup will provide the ability to restore data to a previous version – defined by custom retention policies.
Accidental file deletions, hard drive crashes, accidents, and/or acts of nature – can occur at any time. Protect your business with online backup.
Occasionally traditional backups fail during restoration and usually do not provide quick access to the data. This leaves your business vulnerable to revenue and productivity loss during and post restoration attempts.
By requesting backup services from QWERTY Concepts, we will provide the added value of monitoring, maintaining, and ensuring that backup jobs are successful. When online backups fail, we proactive resolve the conflicts to ensure your business is protected.
Cloud backup provides the ability to configure custom retention policies not dictated by physical hardware and capacity limitations. This is critical when files become corrupted or a significant edit was made, but went unnoticed.

Why Backup Your Information With Us?

QWERTY’s pay-as-you-go model saves you money with no hardware to buy. 
ISO Certified data collocation facility ensures highest security standards. Your data is stored and replicated across world-class data centers. 

Critical backup service with fewer resources required by your staff. 

Automatic cloud backups | QWERTY Concepts.

Email Security

QWERTY Concepts email security is a zero-installation solution. In fact, it is entirely a cloud-based service and is fully capable to work with your on-premise email server. This means that there is no hardware or software licenses required. Regardless of your email software, we are able to integrate with your server and secure the communication between your email server and the internet while providing email security and continuity.
  • Cloud-based Protection

    Works with your existing email server without the need to purchase any hardware and/or software. Cloud-based protection for email is the ultimate anti-spam solution.
  • Spam and Virus Control

    Protect yourself and your recipients from spam, viruses, and malicious email. Specify custom email security policies and stay compliant and free of clutter on your network.
  • Military-Grade Encryption

    Have a piece of mind when sending sensitive email with automatic message encryption for managing regulatory compliance. It’s never been easier to protect your most valuable asset; your data.
  • Content Filtering

    Heuristic real-time email blocking of attack attempts combined with a sophisticated filter to learn user patterns and filter email content based on the industry.
  • Never Lose an Email

    Because the service is in the cloud, all email is spooled when your email server is unavailable. Your customers will never receive a bounce-back and your users will never lose emails.
  • Email Continuity

    When your email server is down, your users aren’t. Email continuity is a feature of email security and users are able to view and respond to emails via their account portal.

Our Values vs Others

This worked well at first, though as time went on and restorations were required, QWERTY Concepts simply could not meet the expectations of our Clients. We were at the mercy of the chosen vendor, their software, and hardware

We have learned that the support personnel were overseas and did not need have the accountability to our Clients like we do. After all, they did not need to face our Clients when it was time to tell them that their data was unrecoverable.

QWERTY Concepts

Both, disk block and file level backups / Access to the infrastructure. Full control of software and features / Certified hardware for performance. Higher level of accountability / In-house NOC and support team. White-glove service.

Others companies

Single-level backups (block or file) / Managed by third party. Closed source software / Profit conscious hardware. Lack of accountability / Managed by third party. Service quality limitation from vendor.
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