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Feeling stretched thin when it comes to managing day-to-day IT tasks? Our managed IT services are designed to keep your business running smoothly.

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT Services is the practice of transferring day-to-day related management tasks for improved, effective, and efficient operations, taking the burden of work of managing IT systems off your business core attention, so you can focus all your efforts and time on actions that impact your business' sales and growth. 

Our IT plans include proactive 24/7 monitoring of assets health and up-time, troubleshoot alerts, resolve IT-related problems and network management. 

QWERTY Concepts monitoring infrastructure and tools are in our very own cloud – so we depend on fewer vendors and therefore have more control of our deliverable services.

Benefits Of Our Managed IT Services

QWERTY Concepts managed services are designed to take the burden of work of managing IT systems to ensure smooth operations and an improved bottom line. This way, you can focus on working towards your business objectives and core operations. With our complete managed IT services stack suite, you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Complaince

    In a continuously evolving business world, regulations become more refined. Partnering with us ensures that your business will not fall short on compliance.
  • Security

    As IT systems become more sophisticated, so make the threats. QWERTY Concepts managed services are designed to protect your business assets from potential threats.
  • Efficiency

    Our robust and turnkey managed IT solutions to ensure smooth operations for users. You’ll see improvements in performance and productivity immediately.
  • Cost reduction

    Having flawed IT systems can really hurt your business financially, but hiring an in-house IT team can be expensive, too. QWERTY Concepts offers solutions for both.
  • Scalability

    Our goal is to help support your business as it grows. With our flexible solutions, you can accommodate expansions of any size.
  • Return on investment

    With life-cycle management, ongoing maintenance, and our account management services, QWERTY Concepts maximize the ROI of your technology investments.

From Setup To Maintenance To Emergency Response

Each business has unique IT requirements and challenges, which our turnkey services will address. You’ll receive the resources and individual assistance you need – from setup to preventive maintenance to emergency response. 

QWERTY Concepts professional´s support staff will walk you through the technical issues and suggest the best options to resolve them.
IT Infrastructure for business
Set up, monitoring and enhancement.
Network and Communications
Solutions to keep your business always on.
Software / Hardware Integration
Aligning goals with IT.

How Do We Do IT?

Once we install our agent, it collects all asset data, health, and inventory. Then, it sends the metrics to the cloud server where we analyze the problem and resolve it. 

Additionally, our agents scan the network for devices and automatically on-board them. As a result, this provides us with full visibility of the entire infrastructure. QWERTY Concepts can then provide quicker support and act on alerts immediately. 

By becoming or extending your current IT department, we provide 24/7 real-time monitoring and on-demand IT support and helpdesk.

Reduce System Downtime

Every year, IT problems cause small and medium-sized businesses to lose an average of 50 hours of productivity per employee. If you multiply the 50 hours of average lost productivity by the number of employees in a company, you can easily see how critical IT support is to any organization.

Lower Costs

Since we are able to resolve more than 94% of all IT problems remotely, we address issues proactively. As a result, it prevents downtime, data loss, and/or security breaches. We aim for 100%, in order to provide an even faster response time that exceeds our SLA.

Peace of Mind

With our managed IT services, you can spend more time focused on your business instead of focusing on your computer systems. We handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure so you don’t have to.


Why Choose Us As Your Managed IT Services Provider?

  • Experienced IT Helpdesk

    Our team of experts can solve more than 95% of regular IT issues remotely, meaning that you will have faster solutions. We provide 24/7 support, on-call solutions and on-site when needed.
  • Proven Technology

    We use industry-leading tools and solutions to deliver our clients the best service possible. Additionally, we operate on the same platform we offer our clients, which allows us to gauge performance and test usability in order to make our products and services better and faster.
  • Hardware Integration

    Businesses that still depend on antiquated hardware systems miss out on opportunities to grow. To meet today’s increasing demand for intuitive IT resources, having a reliable support team ensures you’re on the right track. We provide system upgrades, integration, consolidation, installation, and virtualization aligned with your business goals.
  • Software Implementation

    Software integration is at the core of our technology-driven solutions. QWERTY Concepts execute integration, implementation, migration, installation, and upgrading seamlessly, protecting your data and assets with preventive software solutions.
  • Network Design and Support

    We design, setup, and implement network services and infrastructure to meet your business's unique capacities and goals.
  • Educated decisions

    After analysis or troubleshooting, our team of experts will make recommendations to resolve the problem(s). The recommendations are based on many years of experience in IT consulting and IT support.
  • Business goals-faster

    With multiple resources dedicated to your project and our IT support expertise, we complete tasks quicker and reach deadlines faster.
  • Complaince

    We will help you apply and maintain regulatory compliance, laws and standards for your business, and clients' privacy protection.
Advantages Of Outsourcing IT Support Services
In most cases, businesses will spend 25% to 50% less outsourcing IT support services over the cost of even a single full-time employee – especially with sick days, vacations, training, turnover, and other management tasks. 

Many companies face the challenges of growth or the burden of scaling down. Businesses need the availability of resources and the agility to adjust IT infrastructure, strategy, and support levels rapidly. By utilizing a professional IT support services provider, this flexibility comes with ease and without affecting the company employees' livelihood or morale. 

Technology enables communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing that allows employees to innovate. High productivity can only be realized when a business assertively plans, implements, and maintains the complex infrastructure to provide this technology. 

The best practices and comprehensive experiences in planning, implementing, and maintaining such systems allow IT support providers to successfully deliver these IT services. Even a few minutes of systems downtime can amount to enormous business costs, so maximizing uptime should be a high priority for any business. 

Most companies can no longer afford internet connectivity issues, email communications, corrupt data, or systems failure because the cost of reacting to these events is just too high and may even be catastrophic. Technology manufacturers traditionally provide little (if any) direct end-user support. When available, this support is basic and often unreliable. 

Through a relationship with a well-established IT support provider in New Jersey, businesses enjoy the benefits of priority access to Microsoft, Cisco, and thousands of other technology solutions to keep businesses running smoothly.
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