Our history begins in 2005

"QWERTY Concepts has become a leading IT solutions provider due to our passion for delivering best in class information technology and Managed Services to the small business market."

Our Mission

QWERTY Concepts goal´s is to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations while maintaining a high company culture of loyalty and integrity. These core values are the essence of what drives us to achieve excellence and make a difference in this rapidly evolving industry

We believe that by offering boutique-style IT services QWERTY Concepts is able to support our core values and maintain positive client retention without offering long-term contracts.

Solution-based Approch

At QWERTY Concepts we understand the challenges of implementing new technologies. Our dedicated team of certified specialists create custom solutions specific to your business and infrastructure. We closely adhere to your company’s vision and work with you to effectively reach its goals.

Rapid Response

Located in central NJ, we service companies all over New Jersey, New York City, and Eastern Pennsylvania. We also extended our coverage and support to clients with remote offices and users all over the country.

Adapt Real-time

Our consistent dedication to proactive service allows your organization to adapt in real time and within budget, keeping you competitive in today’s turbulent marketplace. Let QWERTY Concepts’ knowledge and experience guide your business towards a more productive future.

Our Evolution

Since its inception, QWERTY Concepts put a major emphasis on in-house R&D to cater to the rapid change in technology and its impact on growth and innovation. Since then we were able to focus on developing custom products and improving our level of support of these products and solutions

With time, this allowed us to offer value-added IT support solutions to small businesses. In addition, QWERTY Concepts was able to leverage these resources to improve and create proprietary automation for several of our managed IT service offerings providing best-in-class IT support services.

What Define Us?

QWERTY Concepts is committed to empower local businesses to provide the technological resources and advantages they require to succeed. Whether they have internal staff or completely outsourced IT department, we offer technology services to help them promote their business, prevent downtime, and protect their data. Our solution-based approach and core values, help provide these companies with an advantage over their competition. 

QWERTY Concepts is governed by a set of these core values to make business decisions and processes. Ultimately, this defines the culture of our company and the character of our employees. See below our core values list.

Our Values / Our Culture

QWERTY Concepts is governed by a set of these core values to make business decisions and processes. Ultimately, this defines the culture of our company and the character of our employees.
  • Coherent Communication

    Educating Clients so that they are able to make the right decisions for their company when it comes to technology solutions and options.
  • Efficient and Effective

    Whatever we do, we must do it right. Executing tasks efficiently and effectively, doing more with less, and by providing the time and resources to our Clients' to achieve the same.
  • Ambitious and Compassionate

    Having passion for technology, the QWERTY brand, and our Clients' success. Providing quality service with professionalism and compassion.
  • Integrity

    Being ethically and morally unyielding, honest in everything we do, earning trust by saying what we mean, matching our actions to our words and taking responsability for our actions.
  • Strategic Innovation

    Challenging the industry status quo in order to provide IT solutions that meet our Client's expectations and not ones that generate the highest profits.

What We Do?

QWERTY Concepts is a computer services, computer networking, IT support, and technology firm servicing the New York City & New Jersey areas with focus on cloud computing, business efficiency, and technological innovation while delivering affordable solutions to businesses. 

From private to hybrid clouds, to managed IT support, to disaster recovery and business continuity; the focus is to maximize utilization of available technology to improve overall business operations and profitability. 

Not only do we design the solution, but we will also install it, configure it, and provide proactive and reactive support with management.
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