Cybersecurity: Protection, training and monitoring

With every aspect of businesses being connected to the global network and new cybersecurity threats rising along with new technology, companies are always exposed to data breaches or scam emails that could compromise their assets.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses at Risk

From setting up network protection to a complete cybersecurity training plan for your employees, QWERTY Concepts provide a holistic approach to your business' protection against any possible attack or beach.

SMBs Account for 43% of data breaches

2019 Data Breach Investigations Report
Lack of time, resources and education are three major factor that put small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) at risk.

83% of SMBs lack the funds to recover

2018 InsuranceBee Cybercrime Survey
What's worse? A quarter of those who can't afford it didn't even realize there would be any recovery costs involved.

QWERTY Concepts cybersecurity services (included with our managed service plans) includes the following:

  • Network Security

    By understanding your business activities QWERTY Concepts provide a proper combination of security software and protocols.
  • Email Security

    QWERTY Concepts establish a complete security system for your communications, encrypting your data and keeping your employees (and business) safe.
  • Password Vaults

    Promote the use of stronger and more complex login and access passwords by storing them all in a vault that every employee can have access, so they just need to learn 1 master password.
  • Malware Protection

    QWERTY Concepts implement antivirus software to constantly monitor your network and protect your assets against hostile malware such as trojans and viruses.
  • Web Security

    Web access protection, secure web hosting, implementation of firewall and more security features to prevent unauthorized login.
  • Dark Web Protection

    Ongoing dark web monitoring alerts you the moment an employee credentials show up on the dark web, pushing password rests and stopping a potential breach before it happens.
  • Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA)

    Evaluate the potential risk of each individual employee and provide the proper training lessons to strengthen their Cybersecurity Awareness.
  • Cybersecurity Training Program

    With engaging content, dashboard and achievements tracking QWERTY Concepts provide a complete training program to fortify your human defenses against Cyberattacks.
  • Documentation Tracking

    We help you establish security policies, document them and make sure that your employees have access to these procedures to prevent and correct cybersecurity incidents.

Prevent Breaches with Cybersecurity Training!

Protect your organization, and your reputation, from cyber criminals by starting from the inside-out. With human error causing over 92% of data breaches, QWERTY Concepts understand the importance of focusing on the weakest link by empowering employees through self-improvement, personal protection, and engaging training that is relate-able.

Cyber Insurance for small and medium-sized companies

Sometimes and despite all prevention efforts made regarding cybersecurity, the risk of falling victim to a cyberattack is not 0%. It just takes one misstep regarding approaching a phishing email or an employee oversharing information on social media for hackers to find ways to get into your business’ network and access your information to hold it for ransom or even sell it over the dark web.

When a breach or cyber-attack happens, Cyber Insurance come in handy.
It will take care of everything regarding the cyber incident: The solution and the possible consequences.

Why is my Organization at Risk?

Customer Data Makes You Vulnerable

All Data is Valuable to Cyber Criminals
With the storage of customer data and limited resources to dedicate to cybersecurity, your organization may be at a higher risk of suffering a cyber criminal related issue.

92% of Data Breaches due to Human Error

Employees are Unaware of Risks
66% of cyber criminals rank email phishing as their attack vector of choice.

Dark Web Data Can't Be Erased

Exposed Employee Credentials
Breached credentials can't be erased from the dark web and without proactive security and swift remediation, they can pose high risks to your network and data.

Password Reuse is an Epidemic

It's Easier to use one Password
59% of individuals admitted to mostly or always using the same password, despite 91% knowing it's a security risk.

Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA)

EVA empowers employees to improve themselves and their organization's overall security by gamifying education. 

With next-generation analytics, EVA evaluates the risk from key security metrics into an Employee Secure Score (ESS) - letting you know which employee could cause your next data breach.
Short, educational, and easy-to-understand videos & quizzes are sent right to end-users from the portal. Scores are combined with their annual security training course.
Continuous monitoring of the dark web for their business account keeps track of their credentials while personal scanning protects their friends, family, and their own accounts.
AutoPhish allows us to work with you to determine your annual phishing initiatives and goals for the year.
Policy acknowledgement is a key piece of the ESS and is a "to-do" item on their steps to improving their score, driving faster acknowledgement and less chasing after employees.
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