Whether it is the simplest of tasks such as adding a workstation or complex server and telephone system upgrades, we have had nothing but exceptional service.

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Leading provider of managed IT services in New Jersey

With our highly knowledgeable staff and industry leading tools and solutions, we are able to offer unbeatable service and guarantee, making QWERTY Concepts the leading provider of managed IT services in New Jersey.

Benefits of our Managed IT services

Our managed services are designed to take the burden of work of managing IT systems to ensure smooth operations and an improved bottom line. This way, you can focus on working towards your business objectives and core operations. With our complete managed services stack suite, you will enjoy the following benefits:



In a continuously evolving business world, regulations become more refined. Partnering with us ensures that your business will not fall short on compliance.



As IT systems become more sophisticated, so do the threats. Our managed services are designed to protect your business assets from potential threats.



Our robust and turnkey managed IT solutions ensure smooth operations for users. You’ll see improvements in performance and productivity immediately.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Having flawed IT systems can really hurt your business financially, but hiring an in-house IT team can be expensive, too. We offer solutions for both.



Our goal is to help support your business as it grows. With our flexible solutions, you can accommodate expansions of any size.



With life-cycle management, ongoing maintenance, and our account management services, we maximize the ROI of your technology investments.

From setup to maintenance to emergency response

Each business has unique IT requirements and challenges, which our turnkey services will address.

You’ll receive the resources and individual assistance you need – from setup to preventive maintenance to emergency response.

Our professional support staff will walk you through the technical issues and suggest the best options to resolve them.

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What are Managed IT Services?

Managed Services is the practice of transferring day-to-day related management tasks for improved, effective, and efficient operations. Our IT plans include proactive 24/7 monitoring of assets health and up-time, troubleshoot alerts, resolve IT-related problems.

We also manage networks and network devices. We strive to be the best managed services provider in NJ and NYC areas. As a result, our help desk consists entirely of domestic employees. Additionally, our monitoring infrastructure and tools are in our very own cloud – so we depend on fewer vendors and therefore have more control of our deliverable services.

If are looking to upgrade all or some of your computing hardware, click here to learn about cloud computing for SaaS, private cloud, and hybrid cloud services.

How do we do IT?

Once we install our agent, it collects all asset data, health, and inventory. Then, it sends the metrics to the cloud server where we analyze the problem and resolve it.

Additionally, our agents scan the network for devices and automatically on-board them. As a result, this provides us with full visibility of the entire infrastructure. We can then provide quicker support and act on alerts immediately.

By becoming or extending your current IT department, we provide 24/7 real-time monitoring and on-demand IT support.

What you get with our Managed Services


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