In these recent attacks cyber criminals target victims using social media networks, specifically those individuals inside financial organizations and those who make financial transactions. These victims were then called using the phone by the attacker posing as bank employees, who then used social engineering tactics to trick the victim to install an "update" to the bank’s security module.

The victims, worried that they would lose access to their account, complied by installing a Chrome extension called Interface Online offered by Internet Security Online. The extension was available on Tuesday in the Chrome store. As it was discovered, Google took it down. This scam was first discovered in Brazil, but expect this soon in the US and Europe.

The pressure-filled phone call to the banks includes instructions on how to update the supposed security module. The victim is provided with a web address over the phone and when they click “Install,” they are redirected to the extension’s installation page, hosted in the Chrome Store. The cyber criminal keeps the victim on the line throughout the installation process and once it’s complete, has them test their access to the corporate bank account. As they enter their credentials, the data is sent to the attackers in the background.

“I’ve had the opportunity to listen to one of those calls and I must admit that they make it in a professional way,” Marinho told Threatpost.

“In my opinion, the criminals are shifting from the traditional [malicious spam] to targeted and more creative attack methods here in Brazil,” Marinho said. ‘It’s getting common to have victims reporting that they are receiving phone calls from someone pretending to be from a bank and urging the victim to do something, like installing a fake security module, this case, or asking them to type the token combination on a fake website.”

These attacks are the latest in a growing trend of fraud exploiting Chrome extensions. In the recent weeks, researchers have reported at least eight popular Chrome plugins had been hijacked and were being abused to manipulate internet traffic and serve ads in the browser.

Warn your accounting team that this is a new scam they need to watch out for. Also, ensure your company systems are managed by a professional IT service provider to monitor and maintain the network and IT systems. It is important that the provider implements comprehensive security services as part of their offering.

Reference: https://isc.sans.edu/forums/diary/BankerGoogleChromeExtensiontargetingBrazil/22722/


The Web is an incomprehensible and great plain of numerous products of the soil, however there are two sides to everything. It can likewise be a contemptible and appalling spot, with substance that could make even the most solidified criminal jump (or gaze in surprise). Keep your system sheltered by actualizing a substance sifting answer for your business.

The thing is, no one preferences restrictions set on them for anything. Utilizing the Web legitimately is about discovering the ideal mix of gainfulness and security, which is simpler said than done. An excess of limitation can get your workers down in the dumps, while a lot of flexibility could possibly prompt a coincidental malware download. Here are three substance sifting tips from QWERTY Concepts to keep your business' system safe and your representatives cheerful.

Set Clear Confinements


Whatever confinements you choose to force on your Web utilization strategy, it ought to be made clear and accessible to your workers what is continuously checked and what is constantly blocked. Clearly, express substance that can get your workers worked up ought to be blocked, however there are other dubious locales that can conceivably waste time, for example, Spotify, Youtube, and Facebook. Eventually, its dependent upon you, to settle on this decision, however whatever you pick, it ought to be made widespread to each one of those included. This implies not playing top choices, which can devastate confidence.

Make Troublesome Choices


There are two methodologies to web substance separating: Involved, or distant. The involved viewpoint is reminiscent of enormous brotherism (the NSA), or observing everything that your workers do. This is ideal for bigger enterprises who can bear to do so. Yet in the event that you are a little business with a trusted workforce, you most likely don't have to log every last client's keystrokes. Everything descends to whether you need to trust in your representatives to be gainful, or whether you need to ensure gainfulness at the cost of some confidence.

Disentangle Substance Observing


Shockingly for a few organizations, observing each client's web activity can be an overwhelming errand, and you may not have the workforce to do so. To help, you could outsource your web separating to QWERTY Concepts. We can set you up with a strong Brought together Risk Administration arrangement that can piece sites, control the amount time representatives are used logging on to specific locales, and square vindictive endeavors to get to your system with firewalls and antivirus programming. It's an in with no reservations one arrangement that can keep your group profitable with negligible danger to your system.

Your business simply can't afford to be carefree about your web security. QWERTY Concepts can help you integrate a solution that will keep your network as secure as can be - providing your small and medium business enterprise-class security. Give us a call at (877) 793-7891 or  click here to learn about our network security solution to boost productivity and security with one simple package.

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