SeamLite Network Security Appliance

SeamLite Network Security Overview

Your data is your business’s most critical asset. QWERTY’s SeamLite Network Security Appliance is a small footprint appliance with enterprise features and capabilities to ensure your business priorities are in check and your business policies are enforced. The appliance includes many modules to customize and build a complete perimeter security system. Aside from graph reporting and active directory integration, our SeamLite Network Security appliance provides many enterprise security features such as ISP failover, load balancing, web content filtering, captive portal, application blocking, gateway malware scanning, site-to-site and mobile VPNs, web caching, user tracking, and much more. Combine the power of the security appliance with QWERTY’s cloud-based support and maintenance, and we will monitor, update, and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

SeamLite Network Security Benefits

  • Examine everything, even encrypted traffic over SSL
  • Protect against intrusions, malware, spyware and attacks
  • Filter web sites and control apps in conjunction with your policy
  • Enable remote access and site-to-site VPN
  • Automate policy enforcement and penalties
  • Block websites by name or category

Why SeamLite?

  • Powerful: Our superior content filtering capabilities go far beyond competitive products. The Web Filter boasts over 450 million sites in 140 categories, more than Barracuda, Sonicwall, and Fortinet combined. Add in the power of Application Control and the Integrated Rules Engine (IRE), and it can handle the most challenging applications and protocols.
  • Open: QWERTY brings together open source in its basic subscription, and proprietary software in its Standard and Premium subscriptions.
  • Green: The SeamLite network security appliance requires very little power without sacrificing performance and quality.