Soft Skills, Solid Results

Parenting seems unrelated to business, but in my experience, it is very much related to people skills – and people skills are necessary for business.There are four key people skills, often called “soft skills,” that I want to talk to you about: Gratitude Listening Grace By Margin Vision Gratitude  How do you feel when you […]

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Making & Keeping Customer Connections In A Digital Era

Make the value that you give your customers so high it doesn’t matter what the price is. Based on the experiences your brand consistently delivers, your customers should have no idea what your competition charges. You don’t need to raise your prices. You need to bring value and better service. This includes employee training – […]

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Communication In Times Of Fatigue

In light of all the Zoom and videoconferencing meetings, communication is changing both internally and externally. Some companies think working remotely is the best thing they’ve ever done, while others say it’s awful because they thrive on personal, face-to-face relationships. Oftentimes, dominant personalities can overrun the room in person, but on a video call, the […]

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Stop Recurring Problems

Some of the biggest challenges with companies today are “RECURRING PROBLEMS.” I’m talking about situations, hassles, and mistakes that happen over and over again and never get resolved. These occurrences are worse when they happen to customers because if they happen too often, customers will quit doing business with you. Consider what RECURRING PROBLEMS do […]

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4 Ways Leaders Can Identify And Overcome Blind Spots

One of the biggest challenges leaders face in their personal and professional development is identifying blind spots, the unseen obstacles that hold them back from achieving their full potential. Unfortunately, many leaders don’t take the time to find out if they have blind spots. Research by Zenger Folkman found that 30% of leaders had at […]

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QWERTY Concepts Announces its New Comprehensive Managed IT Plans - Press Release

QWERTY Concepts Helps Businesses Save Time and Money with Comprehensive IT Plan Piscataway, NJ, July the 22nd -- In response to the growing demands of businesses looking for a simple and effective IT solution, QWERTY Concepts is excited to announce the launch of their Comprehensive Plan of information technology (IT) consulting, management, design, implementation and […]

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What Makes A Business Leader Successful Today? Intentionality And The 3 Shifts

Either they aren’t clear on what they’re trying to do, or they know what they need to do but aren’t doing the right things to achieve their objectives. Both waste money and resources and leave organizations stuck in the status quo. This affects leaders regardless of the size or type of organization, and that’s why […]

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