July Business Micro-Articles

As A Business Owner, Are You Ready For The IT Future?

Over the past year, countless businesses moved to a remote-work or hybrid model.
It also meant these businesses had to change the way they operate, including a sweeping shift to cloud-based services and a renewed look at their IT security.
But despite these changes, many businesses aren’t where they need to be.

There are still gaps in their cloud infrastructure and security.
How do you fill those gaps?

Put a greater emphasis on endpoint security and monitoring.

As much as you need solid IT security on your end, every employee needs solid IT security on their end as well.
Not only does every device need endpoint security, but you also cannot forget about performance monitoring.
This gives you the ability to see threats and potential threats to your network in real time.
That means you can react accordingly and stop potential attacks or hardware failures.
Forbes, April 15, 2021

3 Key Ways To Keep Your Business In Growth Mode
  1. Talent. You must hire a team willing and able to meet the challenge of growth.
    You want people who are not only talented in their field but who also fit within your company culture.
    People who are eager to learn and ready to solve problems.
    Also, you have to be just as willing and able to reward them for their talent.
  1. Innovation. When you have a talented team at your side, innovation comes easier.
    You need to continuously develop products and services that customers want to buy.
    Understand your customers and their problems at the highest level so you can bring solutions to the table.
  1. Accountability. As your team and business grow, you must put greater emphasis on accountability.
    Track everything and have key performance indicators (KPIs) attached to every goal and project.
    But don’t just hold people accountable to meet certain goals – hold them accountable when they succeed; that is to say, make sure the wins are celebrated along the way. Inc., April 8, 2021
Are You In The Cloud Yet?

Some businesses have tried to avoid the cloud.
There are lingering fears that cloud-based services aren’t as secure as their non-cloud counterparts.

However, cloud services are more prominent than ever, and service providers are fully aware that they must meet the IT security needs of today.

For those businesses still unsure, it’s estimated that 97% of businesses already use cloud services.

You might not realize it, but cloud services are in the mainstream.
Even businesses that are hesitant to join the cloud may already be a part of it.
Most e-mail and communication apps are cloud-based.
If you use virtually any Google or Microsoft service, you’ve joined the cloud.

The bottom line is that digital security is top priority for cloud platforms.
Not only do these providers need to meet the requirements of their clients, but they must also follow international rules and regulations.

If you want to keep your data backed up and secure, the cloud is your answer. Forbes, April 1, 2021

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