February's Business Micro-Articles

Driving Business Success In The Age Of COVID-19

Countless businesses had to figure out how to navigate the last year. Some didn’t make it, but at the same time, many thrived. Nearly a year after the pandemic began, many businesses are still trying to navigate COVID-19 repercussions.

How do you drive success in 2021?

  • Budget Wisely. Countless businesses had a knee-jerk reaction to the pandemic. They rapidly cut costs in an effort to survive. Cutting certain areas can work. But cut the wrong area of a business, and it may be hard to recover. Some companies that put off upgrading technology during the pandemic are now paying for this costly mistake. Out-of-date hardware and software with out-of-date hardware and software have created holes in their networks, making them open to cybercriminals. However, if your customers didn’t stick around, cutting the marketing budget is disastrous.
  • Embrace New Ideas. COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere soon. Businesses that decided not to adapt because they thought it would blow over or it wasn’t serious were put into a tough spot. Meanwhile, businesses that planned and focused on innovation were in a much better spot. When your customers’ habits change, your habits need to change as well. Forbes, Nov. 23, 2020


We all feel burned out every now and again. It’s the point when we feel completely exhausted with our work and need to step away. But here’s a different way to think about burnout: we don’t get burned out because we’re working too much, we get burned out because we’re doing too little of what we love.

When we do things that we’re passionate about, that gives us energy and keeps us going. When our work becomes work for the sake of work, that’s what drives us toward exhaustion. You may be productive, but does your productivity enrich your life in any meaningful way? To truly avoid burnout, engage in activities, projects, and tasks that drive you forward and keep the passion alive. Inc., Nov. 23, 2020


  1. Value-minded. They’re someone who fits in with your company culture and values. They’re ready and willing to learn and grow within that culture.
  2. Purpose-driven. They aren’t in it just to collect a paycheck. Yes, being paid is important, but there must be drive beyond that. They have their purpose and they’re working toward it.
  3. Standout. There’s something about them that strikes you — it could be anything from their credentials to their personality, but it’s something that sticks with you in a positive way. They go the extra mile.
  4. Open-minded. They’re receptive to feedback and criticism and use it to grow. But more than that, they’re willing to give feedback to others. They’re comfortable with honesty. Forbes, Nov. 23, 2020
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