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In the past, many of us were convinced that the in-person workplace was the ideal model to foster company culture and maximize collaboration.

While this has plenty of truth to it, even as we look at the world as “post-pandemic,” we’ve learned that we can achieve strong culture and collaboration even through digital workplaces.

Learning this wasn’t easy – it required a lot of trial and error. However, remote work environments have opened new doors and allowed businesses to try technologies they might have previously missed or ignored.

These technologies include:

  1. • Project management software
  2. • Communication tools
  3. • And even advanced calendars

All of these allow employees – remote and in-person – to really plan their days.

It’s also made businesses rethink cyber security. As more owners went remote, they had to figure out how to keep their business and employees secure.

In the past, they may have fallen short in the cyber security arena, but now, that’s not the case.

As a result of adopting new technologies and ideas, they’ve ended up strengthening their businesses for a different kind of future. Inc., April 13, 2021


Steven Knight, an entrepreneur and Forbes contributor, shares his approach to strengthen revenue and the health of a business.

As the creator of solutions and opportunities at Mosaic Home Services Ltd., he offers a keen insight into the topic.

While it is a big topic, he focuses on the “customer.”
Every business owner needs to ask, “Who do you want your customer to be?”
It seems like a simple question, but it’s about trying to really understand who your ideal customer should or needs to be.
Avoid making assumptions about your customers and who you think you should be targeting.

It boils down to looking at your expertise.

It’s tempting to offer services that are loosely related to what you already do in order to target new customers, but you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the time and money.
Instead, double-down on customers you already serve and serve them well, then look for more.

It’s not easy, but in strengthening your revenue, you need to determine who and what really matters. Forbes, May 17, 2021


Infrastructure Attacks
These are on the rise and have the power to disrupt supply chains, as we learned with gas shortages through large parts of the United States in May 2021.
Verizon reports that a majority (about 71%) of attacks are about extorting money.
The pipeline attack was a ransomware attack.

Greater Persistence
With more people working remotely, more businesses relying on artificial intelligence and automation and more devices connected than ever before, cybercriminals are looking for new ways to exploit all of these areas.

Cybercriminals Working Together
As odd as it sounds, many cybercriminals are working together more than in the past.
They rely on black markets and hidden forums where they can buy the latest disruptive tools and discuss tactics.

The Internet Of Things
There are countless devices that are a part of the Internet Of Things, including thermostats, refrigerators and even defibrillators.
These devices can be hard to protect from outside intrusion, and users need to be aware of the security present on their devices and avoid those that lack it. Forbes, May 9, 2021

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