April Business Micro-Articles

3 Top SEO Myths Completely Busted!

 Myth 1: You Can Skip Mobile Optimization. You may have spent a lot of time and money on your full website, but don’t stop there. Google cares about mobile optimization, as mobile search is quickly taking over desktop search, so Google wants to cater to those people. If you don’t optimize for mobile, it will hurt your rankings.

Myth 2: Links Are More Important Than Content. Yes, linking is important, but you absolutely need solid content on your website to present yourself as a valid and credible site. Web users don’t stick around websites with poor content or just links. And when users quickly leave, the value of your links drops. Quality content is key.

Myth 3: Ranking Is More Important Than Anything Else. Some businesses only care about being on Page 1 or in the top five search results, but making that happen can be incredibly difficult. It’s more important to entice the searching public to click on your content regardless of placement. It comes back to having quality content on your website, content that solves or answers a question (adds value) for the user. Inc., Jan. 18, 2021

Customer Service Employees and Negativity Don't Mix

When your customer service employees are in a bad mood, it can come across in their work. Customers may notice, which can reflect on your business. Even if you’ve hired a stellar customer service (CS) team, sometimes negativity breaks through. Here are the top reasons.

They’re Frustrated. This is common for not just CS employees but also employees in any department. When they lack proper tools or resources and/or are understaffed, it leads to friction. Their job becomes much harder than it should be, and that doesn’t take long to show in customer-facing interactions.

They Lack Training. Sometimes the hiring process goes a little too quickly and CS employees are dropped into the role without full training. Even if they’re experienced in CS, they need to know your expectations and how you do things.

They Lack Support. This is the most important. Every employee needs support to succeed. In a CS position, lack of support can hurt your overall business. Be flexible and be there for your team to meet their needs. Forbes, Jan. 16, 2021

Why You Need To Unplug Every Once In a While

Putting down the phone, stepping away from the computer, and turning off the TV can do wonders. Here are just a few of the benefits you can experience.

It Reduces Stress. The news and social media are packed with negativity. When you cut yourself off from the negativity, the stress melts away.

It Boosts Productivity. We live in the era of information overload. Spending too much time behind a screen clutters our brains and slows us down. Take a break to get perspective and regain focus.

It Just Helps You Feel Better. It gives your brain a chance to rest. Blue light given off by screens is overstimulating. Turning off the screen gives you a chance to recuperate mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Forbes, Jan. 15, 2021

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