5 Predictions For Mobile Apps In 2015

By , Published October 14, 2014

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Mobile apps are definitely here to stay. Experts advise, however, that getting too comfortable with a mobile strategy and not adapting in the ever changing app market is a recipe for disaster. Below are a few predictions we have for 2015 at Bizness Apps:

1. Mobile Apps Will Become More Targeted.

Mobile apps used to be multipurpose, but as time goes on, experts predict that apps will become more targeted towards specific needs and services. People will begin using apps as tools, for specific functions. With app stores becoming crowded and users spoiled for choice, they’ll be choosing apps that are as specific as possible.

2. Mobile App & Mobile Website Debate Will Finally End.

Mobile accounts for 51% of all time spent online. Both are important! Even today there is still a debate amongst marketers as to whether a mobile website or a mobile app is best for small business’ marketing. And what do we think? We think both are extremely important! Mobile apps are great for customer loyalty and customer retention. For a small business, this is extremely important as 80% of their sales will come from their best 20% of customers. Mobile websites are also important for new customer acquisition through Google Searches.

3. Mobile Apps Will Have a Larger Role In Marketing.

Number of smartphone visits are nearly 2x those of desktop. As time goes on mobile apps will allow business owners to utilize them in a way that they can’t achieve through social media or the web, by targeting consumers based on their location, interest, and more. With functions like photo sharing, messaging, loyalty programs, push notifications, and other features, businesses can utilize mobile apps to promote their business like never before.

4. Mobile Apps Will Be More Plentiful.

With more mobile apps being developed for businesses of every size, and being used in marketing more often, it only makes sense that there will be more of them. In addition, the cost and time needed to create a mobile app has been drastically reduced due to app builders like Bizness Apps. Rather than a novelty or a perk offered by a business, apps are becoming an integral part of running a company, and customers are coming to expect all the businesses they work with to have an app.

5. Mobile App Communication Will Become More Frequent.

Mobile app developers are now working hard to find the right balance with it comes to communication with its users. No matter how many users you have, it’s important to communicate regularly with them, to find out what works for them, what doesn’t, and how you can best assist them. Push notifications are a great way to communicate with users and we expect to see more of this.

Mobile apps are changing the way we interact with businesses of every size and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. These predictions are all great ways to find out what the customer expects from mobile apps and more importantly, your business.

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