18 09, 2014

3 Things Your CIO Wishes You Knew About The Cloud

September 18th, 2014|Categories: Blog Posts|Tags: , |

Depending on who you talk to, the cloud is either (A) the future of business (and personal) computing, (B) a ruse by providers to get everybody stuck paying ever-increasing rates, (C) an epidemic of security breaches waiting to happen, or (D) an overhyped development that will lead to some interesting technological advancements but won’t ultimately [...]

25 08, 2014

Hybrid Cloud: All About The Network?

August 25th, 2014|Categories: Blog Posts|Tags: , , , |

When a database must stay tucked away in an enterprise data center, running a dependent service in the public clouds spells "latency." Or does it? Most hybrid architectures propose moving only certain application building blocks to the cloud. A prime example is a Web front-end on Amazon Web Services and a back-end transaction server in [...]

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