Upgrades, Migrations, and Support

As computer systems have evolved - so have companies and the applications they develop. Over the years we've been in business, we have worked with many clients and industries, exposing us to a wide array of industry-specific applications and user expectations. Whether you are looking to implement, interface, upgrade, or replace your CRM, contact manager, financial software, or any other specialized application - we can help with migrating, testing, and implementation. We will work directly with your software vendor(s) and your IT staff/end users to ensure that your organization is ready for the next phase.


If you are considering changing company software, there are several important things to consider prior to downloading your licenses. Besides learning the application and providing training to end users, there are many components involved to perform a smooth migration with minimum downtime. Learning about your company and the requirements will allow us to recommend several applications available and to connect you with the right software vendors, skipping the tedious sales process.


If you manage a small business, it is likely you are using a form of specialized software. This software that runs your business needs constant management and support - and if not properly maintained - may cost you thousands in down time, possibly more. At QWERTY Concepts, we will interface with your software vendor and your end users providing support of specialized software. To learn more contact us by clicking here. Below are some key advantages of utilizing QWERTY Concepts to assist your company with software implementations.

Why use QWERTY for software implementation?

For Your Industry

Industry-specific software titles, off-the-shelf products, and custom applications.

Seamless Integration

Integrate applications with other applications, devices, and/or users.

The Bottom Line

Increase productivity, improve performance, and reduce operation costs.

Mixed Enviroments

Enjoy the freedom with solutions for the Windows/Mac/ Linux Operating Systems.

Reduce Costs

Reduce implementation costs by hiring QWERTY to install/upgrade an application.

Nice and Easy

We make sure your software works and fits into your infrastructure.

There are options

Let QWERTY provide you a solution that won't turn into another problem.

Good Solutions

Let QWERTY consult you on a solution that fits your business.

Avoid Fatal Errors

Let QWERTY implement your new software and handle any technical tasks and per-requisites.

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