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Sign up for a free technology assessment in New Jersey to know where your existing IT environment stands. Upon request, we will send a technician to your location and conduct a comprehensive inspection of your entire tech equipment, network environment, and wireless capabilities.

We’ll get back to you with a detailed technology report, complete with recommendations for optimization solutions. During the evaluation, we will be looking deep into the following aspects of your current technology environment:

  • Existing hardware, including servers, devices, and workstations.
  • Network infrastructure and data connections
  • Wireless connections, wireless security, and virus protection
  • Existing backup and disaster recovery plans

You can be sure that our suggestions are optimized for your specific situation and needs. We will review the results with you, walk you through every recommendation, and provide a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. After that, we will leave the decision in your hands.

QWERTY Concepts commits to helping businesses grow with robust IT infrastructure and support services. Request a free technology assessment, today, and save your business from future tech disasters.

Whether you have an in-house IT department or you outsource your IT services, you should take advantage of our free technology assessment. After all, it’s an another professional perspective that costs your company absolutely nothing!

The success of your business is built on efficient, effective, and reliable computer network and solutions. With the rapid increase of threats, both internal and external, we will review your current infrastructure, assess risks and identify threats, as well as provide recommendations to address any issues before they may cause downtime.

What you get with our technology assessment

  • Help identify business requirements and objectives

  • Infrastructure review and assessment

  • Risk assessment from internal and external threats

  • Basic technology consultation

  • Business-centric and solution-based recommendations

The assessment review will include the following categories:

  • Product lifecycle management

  • Hardware health and performance

  • Operating system compliance

  • Logical & physical perimeter security

  • Data protection and safeguarding

  • Technology implementation

  • Endpoint security health and solutions

  • Digital marketing review

  • Business performance review

  • Online presence and customer reach

  • Business continuity

  • Industry compliance requirements & practices