Managing spam quarantine directly from Outlook

Aside from the email reports delivered daily with our email security filtering, there is also an option to view the quarantined messages directly from within Outlook using RSS feeds. The steps below will provide instructions to add the email qurantine RSS feed to Outlook.

1. Login to the email security portal
2. Click ‘Quarantine’ in the right navigation
3. Click the RSS Feed icon
4. Select the feed type. We recommend combined, so click Inbound Quarantine link. If you choose spam only, select that quarantine.
5. A new page will open with the feed contents. Copy the entire URL in the browser address bar
6. Once the URL has been copied to the clipboard, open Outlook. Within Outlook, make sure you are seeing all folders in the left navigation. Right click on RSS Feeds, and click ‘Add a new RSS Feed…’
7. Paste the URL you copied earlier into the popup window and click ‘Add’
8. Confirm you want to add the RSS feed, by clicking ‘Yes’
9. You may now manage your quarantine directly from your Outlook inbox.
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