Choose full IT support service, choose managed services a la carte, or choose a combination of both…

Flexibility & Options

At QWERTY Concepts, we offer several options for clients who are looking to extend their current IT departments, and for those clients who would like to outsource all of their IT, we offer full-service options to fulfill your needs.

With QWERTY, you have the flexibility to choose full IT support service, choose IT services “a la carte”, or choose a combination of both to create a service plan specially customized to suit your business.

All packages are subscription based. In addition, each package includes essential software and system monitoring. We also have the ability to provide monitoring of custom applications.

What you get with QWERTY Managed Services:

  • 24/7 system monitoring: Get peace of mind in knowing your network is being monitored around the clock.
  • Notification of predictable hardware failures: Our system monitors manufacturers’ hardware sensors to predict hardware failures proactively.
  • IT asset and inventory management: We scan your network to search for network devices. We can then monitor the device if the manufacturer allows this action.
  • Software and hardware inventory management: We ensure all of your devices are running the same software versions, identify additional software you have installed, and coordinate software upgrades, renewals, and updates if necessary.
  • Windows patch/hotfix assessment and management: We run assess, manage, and deploy Windows patches and hotfixes that are white-listed for all of your Windows desktops and servers.
  • Software & hardware concierge service: We will assess your system and provide you with recommended hardware and software upgrades.
  • Monitoring and Termination of bad processes
  • Automatic removal of blacklisted applications
  • Restart failed local backups
  • Event‐specific remediation
  • Remediation of failed application services
  • Antivirus & anti‐spyware software
  • Network administration & management


Expert Technical Support

Have your IT infrastructure supported by a team of highly specialized and experienced engineers.

Alert Notifications

Over 150 sensors are being monitored 24/7. Once an alert is raised we begin working to resolve the issue.


We update your system, monitor up-time & alerts, maintain your hardware, operating systems, and business applications.

Proactive Management

A predictable low monthly cost is what you can expect. As we work to make your network work optimal, you can focus on your business.

Reduce maintenance costs

We firmly believe the majority of your IT budget should be spent on upgrading and enhancing your IT infrastructure, not maintain it.

Predictive costs and easy budgeting

Fixed-monthly fee guarantees you will never exceed your support and maintenance budget, therefore allowing you to invest into your business.