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1 in 3 Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Fall Victim to a Data Breach

Why? Cybercriminals leverage the path of least resistance. That means businesses that have limited time and resources to put towards cybersecurity become a prime target. Could your business be in their sights?
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Get protected and help St. Jude Children Hospital

We are offering to scan local businesses from NJ and NY area for any cybersecurity threats for a discounted rate of just $49. You will receive a complete cybersecurity assessment and report. To further help our community get back on its feet, we’ll be donating 100% of the proceeds to St. Jude’s Hospital.
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Why is my organization at risk?

Customer Data Makes You Vulnerable

All data is valuable to cyber criminals. Storing and accesing customer data mixed with limited resources to dedidcate to cybersecurity means your organizatión may be at a higher risk of suffering a cyber-attack.

92% of Data Breaches due to Human Error

Employees are unaware of risks. 66% of cybercriminals rank email phishing as their attack vector of choice. Unsuspecting employees may be fooled by an illegitimate email without thinking twice.

Dark Web Data Can´t Be Erased

Exposed employee credentials. Company accounts can be involved in data breaches too, such as the LinkedIn or Dropbox breaches. There breached credentials can´t be erased and without proactive security and swift remediation, can pose high riks to your network.

Password Reuse is an Epidemic

"It's easiar to use on password”. 59% of individuals admitted to mostly or always using the same password, despite 91% knowing it's a security risk. If a breached password is reused, the subsequent accounts are also at risk of being hacked.

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Once you get them, you would also have the option to book a free session with one of our cybersecurity experts to go over your results together.
Get your Cybersecurity report

Cybersecurity Report


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A domain scan to identify any potential issues and vulnerabilities.
A scan to determine your web security level.
A dark web scan of your domain to find out if you've been the victim of a data breach.
A full report of your results, including tips, tricks, and solutions for any issues we find.
Delivered within 48 hours.
Option to book a free session to go over the results with one of our cybersecurity experts.
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