US Based Support

All of our support staff are domestic employees, working out of our headquarters in NJ, with a small percentage located in other US states.
managed services benefits

Reduce system downtime

Every year, IT problems cause small and medium-sized businesses to lose an average of 50 hours of productivity per employee. If you multiply the 50 hours of average lost productivity by the number of employees in a company, you can easily see how critical IT support is to any organization.

With our managed service plans, you will minimize downtime. Moreover, with proactive monitoring of your system, we can address up to 94% of IT issues remotely before they become major issues.

As technology advances, we are diligently working to improve our own proprietary products and processes to address even more than 94% of IT problems from a remote setting.

Proactive Management

When you utilize our services, you can spend more time focused on your business instead of focusing on your IT network. We handle your IT worries so you don’t have to.

Reduce maintenance costs

Now you get to spend most of your IT budget on upgrades instead of maintenance. Our predictable monthly rates allow you to budget more easily.

US-based Support

Our support desk and NOC are both located in the United States. In addition, all client support is also provided domestically. To ensure you have 24/7 help, we provide on-call support for critical failures that may occur outside of normal business hours.