cloud backup - online backup - off-site backup

Cloud backup advantages

Data corruption
Data can easily become corrupted. Traditional backups will take the corrupted data with them, but report the backup as successful. Having the cloud backup will provide the ability to restore data to a previous version – defined by custom retention policies.
Prevent data loss
Accidental file deletions, hard drive crashes, accidents, and/or acts of nature – can occur at any time. Protect your business with online backup.
Occasionally traditional backups fail during restoration and usually do not provide quick access to the data. This leaves your business vulnerable to revenue and productivity loss during and post restoration attempts.
By requesting backup services from QWERTY, we will provide the added value of monitoring, maintaining, and ensuring that backup jobs are successful. When online backups fail, we proactive resolve the conflicts to ensure your business is protected.
Cloud backup provides the ability to configure custom retention policies not dictated by physical hardware and capacity limitations. This is critical when files become corrupted or a significant edit was made, but went unnoticed.
  • QWERTY’s pay-as-you-go model saves you money with no hardware to buy.
  • ISO Certified data collocation facility ensures highest security standards. Your data is stored and replicated across world-class data centers.
  • Critical backup service with fewer resources required by your staff.
  • Automatic cloud backups