Since 1998, QWERTY Concepts has become a leading IT solutions provider due to our passion for delivering best in class information technology and Managed Services to the SMB market.

Our Mission

Our goal is to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations while maintaining a high company culture of loyalty and integrity. These core values are the essence of what drives us to achieve excellence and make a difference in this rapidly evolving industry. We believe that by offering boutique-style IT services we are able to support our core values and maintain positive client retention without offering long-term contracts.

QWERTY Concepts Evolution

Since its inception, QWERTY Concepts put a major emphasis on in-house R&D to cater to the rapid change in technology and its impact on growth and innovation. Since then we were able to focus on developing custom products and improving our level of support of these products and solutions. With time, this allowed us to offer value-added IT support solutions to small businesses. In addition, we were able to leverage these resources to improve and create proprietary automation for several of our managed IT service offerings providing best-in-class IT support services.